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"You taught me how to really analyze what makes me happy and how I will get there."

-College Athlete

Who I Coach

Move with your inspiration in the direction of your dreams.

My clients are a great inspiration to me.

Whether the focus is professional, or personal, or a bit of both, my clients are open to growth, taking calculated and strategic risks, and engaging in an amazing life.  I am in complete awe and feel so honored to be a part of their path to Aspired Performance!


These are some of the qualities of my clients:

  • High-performing, high-aspirational.  You are pushing your own limits, willing to work outside of your comfort zone, and committed to your dreams.

  • You understand the value of investing in yourself, and in others. 

  • High functioning, not looking to be fixed, but to be supported.

  • You show up - for yourself and then for others.

  • Self-starting - and you hold yourself accountable.

  • Energetic, driven, and positive.

  • Lead with, and rely on your intuition or instinct, as well as logic.

  • Spiritually aware, connected or connecting to your higher purpose.

  • Open to new ways of being: significant interest in realizing personal change and development that reverberates throughout your life, work, and world, positively influencing those you love and the causes you care about.

The types of people I work with include:

  • Entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, small business owners

  • Corporate Intrapreneurs, and those exiting corporate

  • Those undergoing significant change and transition

  • Athletes, achievers, competitors

  • Career-explorers, soul-explorers, personal development enthusiasts

  • I have worked frequently with authors/writers, yogi's, coaches, MBA's, and engineers


For me, one of the best things about being a coach is the great variety of people I get to work with.

My clients are working on many things, including:​

Exploring something new (exciting, thrilling, terrifying).  

Embarking upon a new opportunity in uncharted territory: starting or growing a business, pursuing a special project, navigating a new relationship, or ensuring they hit the items on their life bucket list.  Making critical or strategic business decisions. Embarking on a fresh start, new life, new you.

Navigating significant life transitions:

Letting go of people or situations that no longer serve them: starting or leaving a relationship, divorcing, post-divorce life rebuilding. Relocating, entering a new life stage, showing up for oneself or others in new ways.

Engaging deep transformative growth and extreme self-care.

Exploring possibilities, making influential life decisions. Enhancing clarity, inspiration, and confidence. Exploring relationships and communication. Releasing co-dependency, creating powerful boundaries and finding their joy. Exploring their relationship with intuition, money, and clutter.


My coaching is not for everyone.


It requires your impassioned commitment - to yourself and to your dreams.  You wish to realize significant impact as you create courageously from your clearest, deepest place of inspiration.  It's time to rock the world with your stuff.  I hold a sacred space for your dreams to grow, nourish, and thrive.  

I will NOT be the coach for you if:

You find excuses for why you cannot (fill in the blank here with something joyful and life-affirming).

You are not fully committed to your dreams and the work in front of you.

You are challenged in showing up for yourself and for others. If you don't show up to meetings, if you cannot be bothered to reschedule in advance, if you are challenged to respect your own time and that of others, please don't reach out to me.  


My clients are not looking for an accountability coach - they already have this skill of showing up for themselves and others. If being held accountable is your desire (and it is a good goal, it's just not what I do) please find yourself an accountability coach.


You are currently struggling with a condition that requires your significant attention and energy to overcome, such as addiction, significant illness, and/or that which requires a therapeutic approach.  Without your prior healing work your results with coaching might not be sustainable.  Your healing and a solid foundation must come first, before this type of coaching.  


I work with high-functioning people who are looking to be supported, not fixed.  Not sure if this will work for you?  Schedule a conversation with me and we can determine together if coaching is a good fit for you right now.


You want me to tell you what to do. As a coach I ask you powerful questions and source you for the answers.  My coaching expertise involves an adept deep-dive into your mindset while upholding your personal power and resourcefulness.

Hire a coach if you'd like...

Perspective, Empowerment, Energy, Collaboration, Inspiration,
and a Powerful Soul-Traveler Along with You you realize your greatest dreams

Karen Knauf Aspired Performance.jpg

Now, would you like to have some key support on your bench?  Quite possibly the most astute listener in your personal network of support? Someone who brings perspective....  understands you, challenges you, delivers the truth, and encourages you to show up as your very best self?

Athletes work with a coach to achieve peak performance.  And more people are enlisting the support of a life coach to partner with them on their path to Aspired Performance.  

Just to look around...  Who is getting ahead at work?  Who seems to handle challenges quite well?  Who is really excited about their life?  Who is clear in communicating their needs and goals?  And who is moving forward with their dreams and plans? These are the people who have a strong team of support around them, and many of them have a coach.

This is exactly what I want for you:  To feel fully alive and free; to move with your inspiration in the direction of your dreams.

Are you ready?  Ready to make the internal shifts that propel the external actions that allow you to influence at a greater level?   Are you ready for more energy, more time, space, money, improved relationships, work and a life that has you excited to get out of bed in the morning?  

It's time to reach out to your coach. I welcome you to the path of Aspired Performance!


With appreciation for all that's great about you,

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