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"You are kind, compassionate, and extremely easy to talk to!  

...You have ignited my excitement and I cannot wait to see what comes!"

- College Athlete

Do More of What You Really Love, Courageously, Authentically, & With Purpose


Single-Session Strategy coaching clients, skip this section and see below.


Let's Explore Working Together

For your interest in Transformational, Alignment, and the Retreat coaching, I invite you to apply for a complimentary first session, approximately 90 minutes - of deep coaching.  


Apply at:


In your email, please answer these 6 questions:

Life Coach Karen Knauf Austin TX, Chicago, Aspired Performance
1. What are the top 3 themes in your life or work where you wish to focus?
2. What do you wish to accomplish in our work together?
3. What would you like me to know in order to be the best possible coach for you?
4. What is the challenge that you wake up to each morning (or that keeps you awake at 3am)?
5. What does your heart long for?
6. How do you know you are ready to invest in yourself and your growth?

7. Where do you live?
8. Who referred you?

Once I receive your email/answers I'll reach out to you.
From your coaching session we will determine what you want to do.  If we are a good fit we will create a customized coaching agreement that works for you.

Karen Knauf

Aspired Performance

ICF Certified Life Coach

Based near Chicago, IL and on the phone or by video with you anywhere you are.

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The YOU five years from now wants you
to not give up on your dreams.
Strategy Coaching Email

Single-Session Strategy Clients: above questions are optional. Please email me directly for availability and scheduling.  Share your time zone and contact information, and anything you wish for me to know about you.

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