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Step into your next level
courageously, authentically, and on purpose.

With clarity, inspiration, and confidence

Aligning Soul With Ambition

I've been here before.  And I know you can do this.  
I'd be honored to be your co-pilot.

I am in the business of illuminating potential and expanding possibilities, and calling you to a higher expression of yourself.
I am an experienced coach who has strategized with clients in ways that accelerated their confidence, opportunities and incomes, and helped so many to find or redefine their way in work and life.
I've reinvented myself many times, taken the leap, and leveled up, and I've figured out how to do this in a way that honors the soul and spirit.  Struggle is optional.  Putting up with stuff?  Let's find a new way.

When you are on the path that best serves your soul, you become inspired.  When you are inspired (sourcing from spirit) your work and your calling flow from you exponentially.  When you are with your "tribe", who are the people who resonate the most with your spirit, your relationships flow.  When you find the voice of your heart, your message flows too.
When you choose to hang out in this inspired  zone, your life flows, your spirit thrives, and your work moves you and your world forward.  
You know when you are in the company of someone in this flow.  They may be charismatic, inspiring, uplifting and appreciative.  They see into your soul.  They recognize and bring forth the very best in you.  When you feel their energy you become energized.  Great things happen when you are around them and their tribe. Doors open. Hearts open.  You find the strength.  You recognize your own voice.  

You bring your gifts forward and the world rejoices with gratitude. 
Are you one of those people?  Would you like to be one of those people?

Image by Diego PH

I will shine a light on your path
as we illuminate all that's great about you!



Hi.  I'm Karen.

I will hold a sacred space for you - and your dreams - to grow and thrive.
Karen Knauf Coach.jpeg

I am a Life Coach and an expert in change and transition.

I help people make the really BIG decisions in their life and work.  And I help them to move forward on those decisions with confidence.

When clients talk to me they say "You get it - you understand me."  And they also report feeling much more calm after talking with me.  I have that effect on people - because I consistently practice extreme self care on myself. 


Some years ago while undergoing a major life transition I walked off all of my anger, sadness, and disappointment on the beach. I walked 4-5 miles a day, for six months straight.  

I just kept on walking until it was all out of my system. Along the way I unlearned behaviors of codependency, learned to create solid personal and professional boundaries, and I left a significant relationship while feeling compassion for another's struggle.

Change is a theme in my life.  Before I was a coach I worked in 10 industries in a wide variety of roles which prepared me to have a great understanding of business and human behavior, and of the many roles that comprise a business.  I went from being a career enthusiast to being a coach who understands.


Along the way I discovered that everyone could use some unbiased support - no matter where you are in life or at work.  I've worked with leaders, entrepreneurs, people at all levels in business, parents, couples, and more.

This is why I became a coach - as I can help you to navigate these changes, conversations, relationships, challenges, ambitions, and your greatest dreams, with grace and compassion.  We do this in a way that has you feeling optimistic and even joyful - and with a reason to celebrate. 

I'm here to shine a light on your brilliance and to empower you forward.  Whether the change was unexpected or an avenue to growth fully envisioned by you, I'm here in your corner so that you don't have to do it alone.


Together we bring your dreams closer and into focus, so it's easier to reach them.  

Focus Areas To Explore

Focus Areas

Your Best Life

New Opportunities
  • Pursuing a dream, personal or professional goals

  • Business startup, upholding your confidence, focus, and passion

  • Business growth, strategic decision making, and getting clear

  • Following your heart and finding a way: aligning soul with ambition

  • Special project

  • Navigating a new relationship

  • Fresh start, new life, new you

  • Navigating decisions, a new environment, or relocation

Soul-Aligned Expansion & Growth - Inspired Exploration & Mastery
Find inspiration, insights, and guidance as you expand, explore and up-level your personal power, dreams, goals, life and work. The ultimate in self care.  Enlist empowering, strategic support to realize your potential, optimize your mindset, and expand your personal and professional self-awareness and confidence.
  • Pursuing lifelong dreams & goals

  • Practicing extreme self-care

  • Releasing co-dependency behaviors, creating powerful boundaries and behaviors, and finding your joy

  • Letting go - of that which doesn't serve you (relationships, clutter, responsibilities, traditions, habits)

  • Money coaching - exploring your relationship with money

  • Relationship coaching & communication

  • Simplifying & systems support - streamlining and decluttering

  • Acknowledging and leveraging your intuition to make decisions

Explore & Expand
Optimize Your Personal Leadership & Transition Design Your Destiny
In service to your soul - engage the empowered leader within and leverage strategic coaching support as you are undergoing significant change in life or work.  Create a solid foundation, take action,  and really show up for yourself, leveraging your personal leadership to create an amazing experience.
  • Leaving/ ending a relationship

  • Divorce, & post-divorce rebuild

  • Re-invention, personal or professional

  • Re-energize career

  • Navigating decisions, a new environment, or relocation

  • Managing Change

  • Navigating a new environment, decisions, or relocation

  • Starting over, new life outlook

  • Pivot and find inspiration after loss or disappointment

  • Getting clear around personal or professional direction

I'm with you all the way - Let's do this!

Image by Quino Al

I like to share my light and energy with others.  I enjoy learning, connecting and sharing information that uplifts and inspires my clients to action.  In turn, that elevated energy reverberates throughout their lives, positively influencing the people with whom they interact and the initiatives they hold dear. 
 - Karen Knauf

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