Level Up, Reinvent,

or Take the Leap


With the Coach that Can Get You There


I believe in the open road, and your unlimited potential.

I know that YOU CAN DO THIS.


I've been here before.  I'd be honored to be your Co-Pilot.

I am in the business of illuminating potential

and expanding possibilities,


and calling you to a higher expression of yourself.


I am an experienced coach who has strategized with many clients in ways that accelerated their confidence, opportunities and incomes,

and helped so many to find or redefine their way in work and life.


I've reinvented myself many times, taken the leap, and leveled up, and I've figured out how to do this in a way that honors the soul and spirit.  Struggle is optional.  Putting up with stuff?  Let's find a new way.  

When you are on the path that best serves your soul, you become inspired.  

When you are inspired (sourcing from spirit) your work and your calling flow from you exponentially.  

When you are with your "tribe", who are the people who resonate the most with your spirit,

your relationships flow.  When you find the voice of your heart, your message flows too.


When you choose to hang out in this inspired  zone, your life flows, your spirit thrives, and your work moves you and your world forward.  


You know when you are in the company of someone in this flow.  They may be charismatic, inspiring, uplifting and appreciative.  They see into your soul.  They recognize and bring forth the very best in you.  When you get close to their energy you become energized.  Great things happen when you are around them and their tribe.  Doors open.  Hearts open.  You find the strength.  You recognize your own voice.  

You bring your gifts forward and the world rejoices with gratitude. 


Are you one of those people?  Would you like to be one of those people?


I will shine a light on your path as we illuminate all that's great about you.  

That's what I do.



Karen Knauf Aspired Performance.jpg

"Karen is in absolutely the right job for her talents.  Her enthusiasm, understanding and experience is amazing!  Focused like a laser Karen helped me see paths to take, opportunities to explore, and creative ways

to accomplish my goals."

- Marketing Professional


The very best work with a coach to take it to the next level.  Where do you want to be?


Level Up, Reinvent,

or Take the Leap, 

in Work + Life

I welcome you to the experience of Aspired Performance. As your coach and co-pilot, I've worked a long time to be of utmost value to you. I've been intentional - a working coach since 2005, and I am coach certified by ICF (International Coach Federation) - which is globally recognized and represents the highest quality in professional coaching. Yet some of the most influential perspective I can bring comes from the many reinventions I've experienced, the challenges I've faced, and the learning and the excitement I've had along they way.  


And now what I'd most enjoy is to be there for you - powerfully, while we work to make your life everything that you want it to be.  You can do this! 

It's my job to recognize and positively leverage the very best in you, right now.  I will be in your corner, as you feel the excitement and the butterflies, and move forward with confidence.   As your coach, I am likely to be the most unbiased person in your whole life.  Oh yes, you will get the truth.  And you will also walk away with incredible insights, shifts, and strategies that you can use to make the best of your world.


I have no agenda but to be above all - attentive and objective - in the best interest of you!  With this kind of support you will find yourself pulled into the experiences you've always wanted to have, and making the kinds of decisions that support the best version of your life.  Some people call it getting out of your own way, but I know it as - stepping up, into

your brilliance. 

"It is really amazing to experience firsthand how you ask all the right questions

and put them all together

and create a custom approach..."

- Technical Sales Engineer

I like to share my light and energy with others.  I enjoy learning, connecting and sharing information that uplifts and inspires my clients to action.  In turn, that elevated energy reverberates throughout their lives, positively influencing the people with whom they interact and the initiatives they hold dear.
- Karen Knauf, Ambition Strategy Coach

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