Move Forward with Clarity, Inspiration & Confidence


I help successful people do more of what they love, and experience a greater alignment of soul with ambition

I believe in the open road, and your unlimited potential.

I know that YOU CAN DO THIS.


I've been here before.  I'd be honored to be your Co-Pilot.

I am in the business of illuminating potential

and expanding possibilities,


and calling you to a higher expression of yourself.


I am an experienced coach who has strategized with many clients in ways that accelerated their confidence, opportunities and incomes,

and helped so many to find or redefine their way in work and life.


I've reinvented myself many times, taken the leap, and leveled up, and I've figured out how to do this in a way that honors the soul and spirit.  Struggle is optional.  Putting up with stuff?  Let's find a new way.  

When you are on the path that best serves your soul, you become inspired.  

When you are inspired (sourcing from spirit) your work and your calling flow from you exponentially.  

When you are with your "tribe", who are the people who resonate the most with your spirit,

your relationships flow.  When you find the voice of your heart, your message flows too.


When you choose to hang out in this inspired  zone, your life flows, your spirit thrives, and your work moves you and your world forward.  


You know when you are in the company of someone in this flow.  They may be charismatic, inspiring, uplifting and appreciative.  They see into your soul.  They recognize and bring forth the very best in you.  When you get close to their energy you become energized.  Great things happen when you are around them and their tribe.  Doors open.  Hearts open.  You find the strength.  You recognize your own voice.  

You bring your gifts forward and the world rejoices with gratitude. 


Are you one of those people?  Would you like to be one of those people?


I will shine a light on your path as we illuminate all that's great about you.  

That's what I do.



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Aligning Soul With Ambition

I can help you move forward with clarity, inspiration, & confidence as you:

I will hold a sacred space for you - and your dreams - to grow and thrive.
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Confidence, Focus, Passion

Embrace New Opportunities

You are navigating something new (exciting, thrilling, terrifying) and you want powerful, strategic support to uphold your confidence, focus, and passion.

  • Pursuing a dream, personal or professional goals

  • Business startup, upholding your confidence, focus, and passion

  • Business growth, strategic decision making, and getting clear

  • Following your heart and finding a way: aligning soul with ambition

  • Special project

  • Navigating a new relationship

  • Fresh start, new life, new you

  • Navigating a new environment, decisions, or relocation

Plan & Launch Your Future

You don't have to do this alone. Partnering with a coach enables you to navigate strategically forward with empowering insights, thoughtful considerations, courageous decisions, actions, and confidence.  Go for it!

"Karen has worked with me on a variety of difficult decisions I have had to make in my family-owned business, as well as, coaching me on balancing the gray areas of life and work.  She has provided me with insightful feedback paired with realistic goal setting; the success of my work and

personal life is a reflection of her

outstanding coaching."

-Entrepreneur/Medical Field

"Life is very good in all ways.  You were a

great influence."

-CEO, Technology Company

"I have a better relationship

with myself."

-Principal, Majority Owner, 

Consulting Business

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Embrace New Opportunities


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Brilliance, Energy, Potential

Explore & Expand

Find inspiration, insights, and guidance as you expand, explore and up-level your personal power, dreams, goals, life and work. 

  • Pursuing lifelong dreams & goals

  • Relationship coaching & communication

  • Practicing extreme self-care

  • Releasing co-dependency, creating powerful boundaries and behaviors, finding your joy

  • Money coaching - exploring your relationship with money

  • Letting go - of that which doesn't serve you (relationships, clutter, responsibilities, traditions)

  • Simplifying & systems support - streamlining and decluttering

  • Acknowledging and leveraging your intuition to make decisions

Soul-Aligned Expansion & Growth

Expand your energy, joy,

and productivity.

Enlist empowering, strategic support to realize your potential, optimize your mindset, and expand your personal and professional self-awareness

and confidence.

"Focused like a laser Karen helped me to see paths to take, opportunities to explore, and creative ways to

accomplish my goals."

 - Marketing Professional

"Consistent, smart, honest, and above all present.  She listens from a highly intuitive and clear space and is able to help navigate the trickiest of waters.  I'm not easy and she has never once

let on to that.  :-) "

-Entrepreneur, Life Coach, & Yoga Instructor

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Explore & Expand


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Empowerment, Grace, Inspiration

Optimize Your Leadership & Transition

In service to your soul, engage the empowered leader within you and leverage solid, strategic support as you are undergoing significant change or transition, in life or at work.

  • Leaving/ ending a relationship

  • Divorce, & post-divorce rebuild

  • Re-invention, personal or professional

  • Re-energize career

  • Navigating a new environment, decisions, or relocation

  • Starting over, new life outlook

  • Pivot and find inspiration after loss or disappointment

  • Managing change

  • Getting clear around personal or professional direction

Engage Your Leadership  

Create a solid foundation, take action,  and really show up for yourself.

Leverage your personal leadership to create amazing outcomes.

"I needed someone who has been in my shoes, who could think outside of the proverbial "box," could help me gather my thoughts, determine my priorities and strengths, and choose a prudent direction.  Karen has been all of those things

and more."

-Electrical Engineering Professional

"You are kind, compassionate, and extremely easy to talk to!  You helped me sort through a lot of difficult things!  This is such a crazy time in life with all of the opportunities and different paths.  And you taught me how to really analyze what makes me happy and how

I will get there."

-College Athlete

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Leadership & Transition


I like to share my light and energy with others.  I enjoy learning, connecting and sharing information that uplifts and inspires my clients to action.  In turn, that elevated energy reverberates throughout their lives, positively influencing the people with whom they interact and the initiatives they hold dear.
- Karen Knauf, Ambition Strategy Coach